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As a research MD, computational genomicist, pharmacogenomics entrepreneur, and member of the Oxford Single Cell Biology Consortium, my long-standing research interest has been cellular genetics models. Under the Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford I'm leading a new hybrid industry-academic team trying to improve liver nutrient sensing by building models that control each cell's genetics and microenvironment. Key words: single-cell genomics, gene editing, in vitro models, high-throughput screens. 

Quin Wills
MBBCh (Medicine and Surgery, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
DPhil (Statistical Genomics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
MPhil (Computational Biology, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
MSc (Applied Mathematics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
BScHons (Human Genetics, University of the Witwatersrand,  South Africa)

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Inclusiveness. Embracing all cultures, the gender you were born with, the gender you choose to be, and the gender(s) you wish to share you life with.

Integrity. Recognising that research impacts all life, holding ourselves to the highest 3R and reproducibility standards when modelling biology.

Innovation. Accepting that failing fast is a crucial part of the progress that comes from asking bold questions that require creative solutions.