Nobody is invincible to gradual physiological decline. Until recent human history, you would have considered yourself lucky to reach your forties. Now, a modern lifespan and lifestyle (those extra few calories and sofa evenings with Netflix) can mean years of infirmity.

Science that fascinates me tries to improve the human healthspan by focusing on pathophysiology that occurs before disease manifests, such as altered energetics, cellular senescence, and chonic inflammation. I see these as being at the heart of the 'silver tsunami' defining our generation.

Specifically, my focus is on maintaining and restoring normal nutrient sensing in the liver. A healthy liver means a healthy metabolism, less diabetes, and less cardiovascular disease.

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Quin Wills
Head of Advanced Genomics, Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford

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Inclusiveness. Embracing all cultures, the gender you were born with, the gender you choose to be, and the gender(s) you wish to share you life with.

Integrity. Recognising that research impacts all life, holding ourselves to the highest 3R and reproducibility standards when modelling biology. 

Innovation. Accepting that failing fast is a crucial part of the progress that comes from asking bold questions that require creative solutions.